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Garlic Cheddar Sauce

It’s all about the sauce!

Bucketheads Sports Bar & Grill is known for many things: Being a family friendly restaurant…the place to watch the big game…a place to celebrate your birthday…the best place in Rhinelander to grab a burger…but more than anything, its the sauce. Since we’ve opened in 2006, Bucketheads has been serving a homemade, unique, mouth watering dipping sauce that is beloved by all who’ve tried it. GARLIC. CHEDDAR. SAUCE. It was created to dip our fresh fried potato chips into. It’s the featured ingredient in our Garlic Cheddar Bacon Burger. We’ve even had people try it on a pizza. It has it’s own following…it’s as synonymous with Bucketheads as the Hodag is with Rhinelander. We get DAILY requests for the ingredients but it always has been and always will be a top secret recipe. One thing’s for sure, it’s all about the Garlic Cheddar Sauce! 

The Sauce: The Sauce
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